Horn Ok Please: Delhi’s First Ever Food Truck Fest


Attention all you foodies! So Delhi and GoBuzzinga are curating a one-of-a-kind Food Truck Festival called *Horn OK Please* this weekend and here are all the juicy deets!

Bringing together over 20 food trucks from Delhi NCR, the Horn OK Please Festival is all set to showcase some of the most exotic cuisines such as Japanese, Thai, Mexican, Italian and lots more interesting concoctions like Waffle Sandwiches and even Dosas! They’ll also be offering music & entertainment with an acoustic stage, besides showcasing the latest food trends. *Yass!*

For all the tipple lovers in the house, they’ll be a whole Cocktail Bar manned by Delhi Cocktail Week and free flowing Bira91 with some cray deals! For all Bira91 lovers on the first day, i.e. this Saturday, the first 100 people to visit the bar will get a free bottle on the house! All those who are visiting on Sunday, don’t worry we’ve got something for you too. On Sunday, between 12-1 PM there will be ‘Power Hour’ in which Bira91 will be for only 49 bucks! WOAH!


To give your food and beer some company we’ve also got some crazy and fruity hookah up for drags all thanks to Hookah Craft! Heard of ‘Apple Hookah’?! This hookah has an actual apple as the chillum!! Personally we’ve tried a bunch of their sheeshas and we have to say that they’ve got some of the best and most unique flavours that we’ve ever seen. The thing that makes these Russian delights stand out is their snazzy look as well as the flavour!

With the grub and glugs sorted, the only ingredient left in the recipe for a good time is music! Serving as the knight in shining armour, there’s gonna be a bigass acoustic stage with some fabulous homegrown, up and coming artists lined up to perform! From The CopyCats to Kamakshi Khanna and Sejal Morris, everyone is on board to make your weekend an even better one people!

Delhi Cocktail Week will serve as the perfect partner that your foodie binge needs! DCW is well known for their week-long events that take you around the city, trying out trippy cocktails from various different bars and lounges while divulging interesting bits of trivia about ‘em too. They’re coming up with a one-of-a-kind cocktail bar serving some especially curated cocktails at Horn OK Please! YAY!


Lastly, the great venue that’s playing host to Horn OK Please deserves a shout out too! Saving you the misery of dusty locations like the other food fests that take place in *coughs* parks *coughs*, here’s one with concrete flooring and no muddy shoes – Ansal Plaza’s Amphitheatre! Time to eat yummy food without having it taste like mud guys!

In total about 20 food trucks like Doggy Style, Burnout, Something Sizzling, Something Saucy, Whyte Farms, Lalit Food Truck, Gourmet STReat, What The Fork, Star Food Truck, GrubTrotters, Wanchai By Kylin, Wafflechowk, Rakesserie, RocketChefs, Cafeast, Devilicious, Eggjactly and Sushi House Mafia are all on board and sauntering to Ansal Plaza!

Not just bragging, but GoBuzzinga and So Delhi have been a part of some stellar events like the GoBuzzinga Maggi Festival and Momo Festival PLUS So Delhi’s Tweasure Hunt and Confluence! So those of you who missed all this, now’s your chance to attend something awesome to brag about!

Check out this ‘Chef’ (movie) style festival this weekend! *woot woot*

Dates | Saturday & Sunday, 4th & 5th March
Time | 11 AM – 9 PM
Where | Ansal Plaza, Hudco Place, Khel Gaon Marg
Passes Will Be Available At The Venue.
FB Event Deets | https://www.facebook.com/events/1782963672025146/
Download The So Delhi App On http://so.city/app/



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