2017 Spring/Summer Trends Forecast


An amalgamation of colors and design brings out the best of garment. A perfect color combo can accentuate the beauty of the garment and every designer is really particular when it comes to colors. If a talk is about the popular color trends, 2017 will be the year of ‘Graphic waves’ and ‘Technical wars’. The upcoming collections will be a fusion of various fabrics and textures. Tissue nylons, organza, neoprene, nets are the core fabrics that designers will use in their respective collection. There will be a new blend of neoprene fabric and nylon thread exhibiting the power of thread which brings out a unique texture

2017 will be about going wild with the prints and embellishments. The bold nature, underwater life, will be the center of attraction when it comes to prints & embroideries. Cold shoulders, bellbottoms, and oversized garments will be the talk of the town! They’ve been there in 2016 and will continue to capture the fancy of many! These silhouettes trends are here to stay for long. The high on style quotient, comfort factor and ease of experimentation with the garment makes it a favorite.

According to me, glitter dresses and jackets, transparent clothing are the top picks. If you are all up for setting new fashion trends with a unique glamor quotient, these are some clothing items you must hoard.  Chances are there for ‘The Frozen Ocean’ to be the inspiration for many to make the collection grand, serene yet mesmerizing. As the upper layer of the frozen ocean is strong, robust & protective, the inner layer is free-flowing; the collection reflects the concept beautifully in terms of the cuts, designs and hues. One trend I wish to say R.I.P to this year will be oversized clothing. They are not at all a flattering element and makes you look like a veggie bag.



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