Fragrances And The Emotional Connect


Have you ever wondered why you feel good in certain places and experience a set of negative emotions on particular places? In our attempt to find the answer for this, we came across certain facts and studies that revealed that our moods and emotions are deeply connected to the fragrances and scents in the environment. Every place has a certain aroma and a peculiar fragrance that can actually lift or breaks your mood!

While Aromatherapy believes that essential oils and fragrances can stimulate the senses of your mind, body, and spirit, various studies by medical science agree to the fact that certain scents affect the person’s blood pressure and physiological responses which are similar to those with meditation to relieve stress. From initiating old memories to relieving you insomnia and muscle tension, the fragrances play a special role in setting your mood for the day!

Here are some snippets on various fragrances that are an instant mood changer.

Provence Lavender- To Relax your Mind & Body

Lavender is one of the most widely used fragrances. Not only it helps combat insomnia, restlessness and irritability, the lavender’s aroma also calms you down and balances your mind. A perfect fragrance for a tiresome day!

English Rose- To Boost Romance

One of the most unique and loved fragrances derived from lemon, English rose petals and amber, this beautifully designed English rose aroma lamp exudes a serene, sensual and fresh floral scent that help instill romance & sensuality. Rose fragrance is highly adored by women and also boosts confidence. Other fragrances like Pumpkin, Musk Civet & Vanilla etc. boost libido.

Amber Sandalwood- To Ward Off Depression

Bogged down by the negative people and situations in your life? The fragrance of Sandalwood will take you out from the depression zone. It promotes deep relaxation and calms down your mind and emotions. The soothing fragrance also helps ward off your inner fears but also give your relief from stress.

Lemongrass- For An Instant Energy Boost

The fresh, citric, and enriching fragrance of lemongrass heals your worries and enlightens your senses. It boosts your energy instantly and has stimulating properties. Lemongrass is used as an essential ingredient in various medicines. It has rejuvenating properties and revitalizes the body and mind. The invigorating fragrance and fresh scent wake up your senses and energize you for the rest of the day.

Sugar Cookie (Vanilla) to Elevate Mood!

The soft, sugary fragrance of Vanilla positively affects your happiness levels. It improves your mood and sense of well-being. The fragrance of vanilla is considered pleasant universally and instills a happy feeling.

Apart from these, citrus scents, pine, jasmine, lavender, coffee and the fragrance of freshly-cut grass brings out the happy you! While Peppermint boosts concentration, it enhances your overall performance and motivation. The peculiar fragrance of Apple is just a saviour for migraine patients.



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