Sandwich Skincare: Definitely Not About Food!


“Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.” The quote mentioned makes the brief below, a picture perfect.

Your mall visit manifests that there’s no dearth of beauty products in the market. You buy them all to gift yourself a perfect feminine touch, but it doesn’t ends your struggle of getting ideal benefits from them. The reason responsible is that applying beauty products is not a child’s play and demands proficiency in skincare art. One needs to understand the procedure of applying beauty products to get the desired skin glow without hindering that sensitive skin. You just can’t slap on all the products on the skin to be a beauty with brain.

Sandwich outlines different layers one on another, but give that product some moments to seep into your enticing skin before layering the other one. Cleanse your skin to allow makeup products to ooze in swiftly; after a while, applying facial toner is the next step of your ladder. It assists ingratiates penetrate fully through your sensitive skin. Serum then, delivers active ingredients into the skin efficiently and moisturiser locks them all. Give it a minute of your life to set in. Go on then, to apply your favourite SPF. And yes, don’t forget to swap it all and provide some space to your night cream.

Apart from the skin benefits, correct layering can make your makeup application no hassle. If you do it right, you can say goodbye to the days when your moisturiser starts to cake underneath your foundation. So, take your time to allow layers to absorb into skin. Is it as simple as it sounds? Yes, but be careful of overloading the layers. The reason behind is that they inactivate each other, rendering them useless. Active ingredients do need to be carefully combined because they run the risk of causing an irritant reaction too.

Thus, from now onwards get your skin a pleasant look but, do keep an eye on time to care it perfectly. The sandwich might not be as yummy as served in the food court, but definitely revamp your skin!



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