A Tale: Candles Then & Now

14328924_1271154686270702_1919623794_n.jpgA Tale: Candles Then & Now

On a shelf, lies a shy cotton wick coated from outside with thick white paraffin wax. All days are of great festivity and people around are cheering up. But, nothing lasts forever and so electricity goes off… it’s a minute of silence and gloom! Now is the moment, cotton wick was waiting for. A hand lights up that pale white candle and it switched the shy mood to daunted, brightening the lives in shades.

It’s a short inspirational story of a candle of 80’s. Here we are in the 21st century and every other house owns an inverter, making candles of no use now. But, candles are dead set on to serve the people all its life and so, there’s no dearth of recourses for them to exist on this giant globe. Tour around today and you barely get any place, where you can’t fit in these creations.

Aroma Lamp.jpg

You initiated a venture and need to enhance critical market relationships, use luxurious candles of distinctive shapes & sizes as your corporate gift. The girl next door to you is gifting her sister those premium scented candles on her wedding. My mother’s friend is modernizing her retail store with giant designer candles-a perfect décor for all moments. Vivid colors entice my boss to detail his designer shows with premium candles of the world. My best friend’s grandmother is not so fond of such fancy elements and devotes all her time in refining her soul through meditation. No worries about it as aromatic candles will lend a hand to her too with its soothing and mind-refreshing fragrances. People out there, always have a weary sigh of the daily work routine and demands a stirring event around. Multipurpose stubborn candles won’t leave you there too, as each event planner/organizer nowadays have these premium showpieces in store for their respective events.

Just like that, name anything, visit anywhere and you’ll perceive such adorable candles everywhere. Festival season is around the corner, but now we’re sure you don’t need that or any other reason to get associated with such an alluring product. Thus, shop now and present yourself a luxury!


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