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Fashion is a language and it does not know borders and has no limitations. This thing was truly witnessed at the Asian Designer Week 2016. The 2 day event held at Talkatora Stadium hosted international designers from across Asia who displayed their work, which was not limited to fabrics and designs. The art work was extravagant. The collections were visionary. The designers had a futuristic view. The show was a fusion of ideas. A futuristic approach met the traditional art work done by Hardika Gulati, where she included the designs inspired by the palaces of India. Designer Hina Madhumai’s collection was inspired by the SMOG!

Asian Designer Week- 2016 was a place where fashion met national concern too. Designer Danisha showcased her collection on Demonetization. Renowned celebrity Mannara Chopra looked ravishing when she walked for Designer AshimaS.  Miss India International, 2015 also marked her presence in the show.

The fashion gala had Newgen Asian Designers, International Asian Designers, Nextgen Fresh Talent Designers, Nextgen Fashionpreneurs who showcased their spectacular designs in a wonderful way.

Highlights of ADW

  • Designer- centric show
  • Immense Business Opportunities
  • International Associations
  • Cross-Cultural Exchanges
  • Learning platform
  • Exhibitions & B2C Interactions
  • Media & Promotions
  • Digital Technology

Organized by iGenius Entertainment, The ADW pre-finale witnessed an amazing work by Asian designers like Richa Ranawant and Sarang Jain, Nikheil Bassan, Rivendra Singh & Twinkle. The show concluded with an astonishing grand finale where international Asian designers Ivonne Magdalena from Indonesia showcased her Vone Clothing. Saaj by Ankita from India was also an important part of the finale.


(Carol Gracias shares the ramp with a 45 year old ex army officer)

Asian Designer Week 2016, witnessed an amalgamation of beauty and suave. When Carol Gracias shared the ramp with 45 years old, ex army officer and an upcoming model, Nitin Mehta, it was a sight to watch. Gauri Couture was a vibrant collection majorly for men. The collection was indo western and fabrics used were cotton and silk.  Models looked sizzling in vivacious colors like yellow, orange and green. When the ex Big Boss contestant and a new mom walked the ramp in a ravishing indo western lehenga the crowd applauded for the zeal shown by this Supermodel. Nitin Mehta on the other hand, after serving the country for a long time proudly walked the ramp in astonishing white attire. Nitin also received more assignments post his first ramp walk. This show was more than a fashion show, it had a message that fashion is never restricted.

War Of Design Ideas

This season witnessed an amalgamation of collections inspired by the Indian heritage, traditional concepts and futuristic approach to the modern Indian clothing, all under one roof on a common platform!

A special section, ‘Nextgen Fresh Talent Designers’ showcased the work of fresh talent in the industry. The idea was to boost the budding talent and bring them into the limelight by offering an international platform and exposure to renowned designers from across the world!

Newgen Designer

Kunal Kaushik- Ethnicity

The Asian Designer Week kick started with the opening show by the NewGen Designer Kunal Kaushik. His designer label ‘Ethnicity’ spellbound everyone with his amazing ethnic designs presented on Chanderi, Silk fabrics. His designs immersed the entire audience in a traditional aura that truly celebrated the India culture. With a splash of bright beige and golden colors in his collection, Kunal made a strong mark with his impressive design ideas showcased perfectly on the ramp.


Nextgen Fresh Talent Designers

The Capsule Collection!

The latest collection ‘Dharri’ by Deepika Aggarwal threw light on creating statement in designing modern mix of conceptual and wearable clothing with the contemporary silhouette which included clever cuts, asymmetric patterns and simplicity of lines, making it a capsule collection. The collection carried the legacy of distinctive handmade Indian textiles.

Sameeha Kulkarni

The capsule collection ‘SOIGNÉ’ presented a Festive Friday dressing that took on the simplicity and glam quotient. It drew inspiration from the French belief- ‘the two key elements of sleek style are: Tailored at day and alluring feminine at night’. Sameeha believes that today’s women carry an identity of perfect balance, strength, determination, and zest, and to reflect this, her collection coordinated a contrasting colour palette, crisp western silhouettes, and a dash of Indian touch.

Macazo by Anmol Thapar

Inspired by the fashion across the world, MACAZO embodied quality, contemporary color palettes and coordinated statement pieces that compliment your figure and lifestyle. “Anziehen- Allure Yourself” – a collection inspired by the charm of a woman. It was a reflection of the positive aura and mysterious beauty that every woman carries along.

Anubha Sharma

A fashion graduate from Pearl Academy, Ms. Anubha Sharma loves to experiment with colors. In her collection, with a theme like “Madhubani Paintings” she took full advantage of the colors that are used in the paintings. Taking inspiration from its motifs and colors that are used in the paintings, she came up with a collection of women wear garments in the Indian and fusion wear category.

The OFU (ONLY FOR YOU) by Megha Sikachi & Djey Tanwar

The OFU label focused on to capture the free-spirited attitude and relentless need to express one’s own individuality. It was an amalgamation of the Indian touch to the contemporary look to give a perfect look and to create a classic wardrobe of today’s modern woman.  The OFU label has its style of designing with the smart and modern cuts, minimal look and placement of design inspired from the nature along with taking care of different techniques for the prints and embellishment.

NewGen Asian Designer

Victor Robinson

With his specialty lying in the ‘Bridal Wear’, he is passionate about designing unconventional style of outfits and had his collection around the same theme. He has a special eye for beauty and elegance and the zeal to give something new to the fashion world. Currently working in collaboration with Aster-By Samina Khan, his latest collection exuberated his ideas in an impressive way.


Her collection was an inspiration from the royalty and grandeur of the Indian heritage and palaces. She truly believes that every fort has a hidden story. Her latest collection unveiled a multitude of emotions right from the dreams to the ground reality, passion and struggle of the people who are even remotely connected with the famous Lake Palace, Jai Villas, Laxmi Villas, and Umaid Bhawan. Inspired by India’s rich heritage, the collection showcased a unique blend of Indian aesthetics with contemporary sensibilities.


Taking inspiration from an outlook into the future, Hina’s Atelier collection included silhouettes that were strong & feminine yet vibrant and stark. The collection was inspired by the cold world which is polluted, grey & has smoggy skies! The white suede depicted the snow & grey color symbolized the smog. The aluminum foil were used to protect the body from radiation that has been converted into knife pleated fabric. The pop of colors is from the star nebula seen during the space travels. The collection was still couture gowns and is considered futuristic. 


The label by Sakshi Kohli focused on promoting the traditional handloom in India, the ‘Hathkargha’ collection took inspiration from the city of Banaras. Promoting the women empowerment ideology, the collection was designed by the women who withholds the heritage of crafting traditional handwoven fabric.


NextGen Fashionpreneurs

Dhrubo Ataullah & Nayeem Nazmul (Bangladesh)

Based on neutral colors, (White/Black/Grey/Brown), the collection brought some of the very beautiful colors composition. The collection was created with very trendy and simple silhouette for woman’s fashion. The fibre used is mostly cotton, wool, and polyester, and blended cotton with special finishing. The collection was chic, contemporary and had modern designs to suit the day-to-day stylish living. Experimenting with the colors and cuts, his presence added an international appeal to the show.

AshimaS Couture

The label defines a woman who is very modern and chic, playful with her looks and has an eye for trends; she oozes with confidence and appeal. It celebrated womanhood by keeping up with the best of international runway trends at affordable prices and then adding the feature of bespoke customization including astrologically/zodiac designed styles with adding colour symbology! Mannara Chopra was the showstopper!


Amilani Perera (Sri Lanka)

Amilani envisions elusive links between fashion, culture, and history in her ready-to-wear self-titled exotic and luxury fashion brand ‘AMILANI PERERA’. She also has her own collection of designer bridals, creating unique, conceptual yet wearable high-end design pieces which are detailed in the luxurious and sophisticated sense of style. Amilani also has a sub-brand, named ‘Once more’ which is an eco-sustainability label with a clothing line in fabrics made out of natural products and also an accessory line made with up-cycle materials to create innovative fashion designer accessory products.

Ivonne Magdalena

Playful, modern, sexy and elegant, dominated by the fresh colors in simple, feminine silhouettes; those are the signature style represented by her collections. The use of digital printing techniques on the textile was found, resulting in the uniqueness on each garment of the collections. Vone, her signature label has been worn by international celebrities Kelly Osbourne, Anggun, Janel Parrish and many more.

SOPHIELLE” by Kanwal

Kanwal’s philosophy is to allow each female to create their own identity. She creates semi-couture garments by fusing handcrafted elements with draping and splash of colours. She incorporates elaborate details with contemporary designs, a unique combination that is desired by women globally. She gets her inspirations from art, architecture, nature and its colours. She experiments with colours to enhance the beauty of her garments and prefers to use natural fabrics such as silk, cotton, and leather for her designs that combine both fluidity and structure, in a manner that accentuates the female body.

Tran Phuong My (Vietnam)

A popular designer in Japan and US, her inspiration comes from the exquisite virtue of the Asian women, who are at the same time fervent and feminine, bold and delicate. With beautiful, striking silhouettes and made from the most exclusively luxury fabrics, the designs embraced the feminine figure of the Orient and make women feel confident about themselves. The designs are well known maintaining the elegance, modernity, and feminine looks in each of the product lines.

CHIMMI House of Design (Bhutan)

The 2016 Fall Collection featured casual couture that is deeply rooted in, and inspired by, Bhutan’s rich weaving history. The designer, Chimmi Choden’s designs fused traditional Bhutanese textiles with contemporary silhouettes: Straight, clean lines, and bold colors are softened by the feel and movement of luxurious, hand-woven fabrics. Each piece that walked the runway had a story that began in a boiling cauldron of flower petals and leaves. Silk, raw silk, yak wool and cotton yarn were dipped, dyed and hung to dry beside a bubbling stream.


The Asian Designer Week 2016 concluded on a high note receiving a great appreciation from the fashion industry. Apart from setting a benchmark by presenting a podium for young, international and experienced designers on a common platform, ADW appreciated the new ideas whether the designs were wild, traditional, ethnic or contemporary.

ADW celebrated the uniqueness of design and fashion.

About Asian Designer Week:

Asian Designer Week is a flagship product of iGenius Entertainment, a sister concern of I-Genius Global Services Pvt. Ltd. It is organized in association with the leading fashion institutes and supported by a group of fashion gurus and top designers in India. ADW was conceived in 2015 to provide a dynamic platform for top and aspiring designers across Asia, also celebrating the cultural diversity. It is a unique platform that promotes upcoming talent, encourages cultural mix and also provides numerous learning, networking and business opportunities.

ADW will be instrumental in promoting the Indian Fashion Industry globally through its platforms Asian Designer Week – Autumn Winter & Spring Summer, Asian Designer Week Conclave and Asian Designer Men Week.


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